Friday, September 17, 2010

My favorite Gluten Free Rice Crackers

I love these crackers (Crunchmaster Rice Crackers)!  They're gluten free, yummy, and a good price!
They now say "Gluten Free" on the packaging (at the top).  Even though I already knew these were gluten free, for some reason I always like a product more when it says that.
I get mine in bulk from Costco.

They're really good plain, so that's the way I mostly eat them, but they're good with toppings too.

In fact (and I'm sure this is going to sound weird), one of my favorite things is dipping the Toasted Sesame crackers in Nutella.  YUM!  Trust me on this one, you've got to try it!  If you don't have Nutella around, pop a few chocolate chips in your mouth, followed by a Toasted Sesame crackers.  It reminds me of chocolate covered pretzels!

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