Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting Article on Gluten

My friend posted an article about gluten sensitivities on facebook that I found very interesting. It's stuff I've heard and believed, but hadn't seen actual numbers on it till now.

The parts I found especially interesting are these:
A recent large study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people with diagnosed, undiagnosed, and "latent" celiac disease or gluten sensitivity had a higher risk of death, mostly from heart disease and cancer. (i)
This study looked at almost 30,00 patients from 1969 to 2008 and examined deaths in three groups: Those with full-blown celiac disease, those with inflammation of their intestine but not full-blown celiac disease, and those with latent celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (elevated gluten antibodies but negative intestinal biopsy).

The findings were dramatic. There was a 39 percent increased risk of death in those with celiac disease, 72 percent increased risk in those with gut inflammation related to gluten, and 35 percent increased risk in those with gluten sensitivity but no celiac disease.
Another study comparing the blood of 10,000 people from 50 years ago to 10,000 people today found that the incidences of full-blown celiac disease increased by 400 percent (elevated TTG antibodies) during that time period. (ii)

It also talks about the many different diseases associated with gluten sensitivity and how an estimated 99% of the population who have a problem with eating gluten don't even know it.

Definitely an article worth passing on.

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Marly said...

Hey look, I inspired a post :-) I do need to the read the whole thing but it's amazing to me all the issues gluten causes.