Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pier 49 Pizza- Be sure to call ahead

So in my previous post about Pier 49 Pizza I stated that all locations in Utah now have gluten free pizza. Apparently this isn't the case. My sister went to the one on Center Street in Provo and they don't carry gluten free. Sad. Call ahead of time to make sure your location has gluten free (plus that way you can pre-order and not have to wait).

Also, you'll want to call ahead to make sure they have the crust in stock. My wonderful husband got me some pizza last Wednesday (right before we went to the hospital to have our beautiful baby boy!) and he had to call around to multiple locations to find one with the crust in stock.

Click here for locations and numbers.

I know the Bountiful, Layton, Salt Lake, and Provo/Orem locations carry gluten free. I've either talked to them personally about it, purchased it from that location, or my sister has. Hopefully any location that doesn't carry it will if they get enough customer interest in it!

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Sara said...

Draper has GF pizza too.