Monday, May 7, 2012

Chuck E. Cheeses: Testing gluten free in Minnesota

I received an exciting email today! It was from Ambur, a media relations representative from Chuck E. Cheese's. They're offering gluten free pizza and chocolate cupcakes at all of their Minnesota locations! I realize that for all of you who aren't in Minnesota (especially since this is Gluten Free in Utah), that may not sound exciting, but it is. If the test markets perform well they'll be releasing the gluten free food nationwide!

I'm actually visiting my sister in Minnesota this summer, so I'm going to have to check this out. Here's the really cool thing... they're really careful about cross-contamination. Both the gluten free pizzas and cupcakes come from companies that specialize in gluten free. The products are shipped to them, frozen and in packaging that doesn't get unwrapped until it's on your table. The pizza is even cooked in the package. And you'll get a disposable pizza cutter for your gluten free pizza. It even says "gluten free" right on it. Pretty cool, huh? When I first read that Chuck E. Cheeses was doing gluten free I was worried about the cross-contamination. This process will ensure that doesn't happen. And you'll know it's okay because it won't be opened until it's in front of you.

You've got to watch the process in their video:

No more having to miss out on the Chuck E. Cheese fun because of a gluten sensitivity! Your kids (and yourself) can go and enjoy pizza and treats with all the other kids (well, if you live in Minnesota... and hopefully eventually everywhere). Yay! My kids love Chuck E. Cheeses! 

You can read the news release here. It has links to the companies that will be making the gluten free pizzas and gluten free cupcakes. 

I'll let you know how my Minnesota Chuck E. Cheese experience is. :) 

Thanks for letting me know about this Ambur!

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