Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Fudge

My cute sister-in-law posted this easy fudge recipe on her blog.  It’d be a fun one to have your kids help with and perfect for Valentine’s Day!  They could each have their own little individual bag (she puts the recipe amounts for personal bags too).
Check it out!

Here's the one I made:
All the ingredients put in the bag.
Even though it seems like it will be forever dry, it does eventually get to this point.
Then I rolled it out flat and cut it into pieces.
I have a small heart cookie cutter I should have used, but I was dying to try this and didn't want to bother.  After taking this picture I sprinkled some pink coconut on them.  This stuff is DELICIOUS, EASY, and GLUTEN FREE!!!

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