Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy Sponge Cake from Gluten Free Gobsmacked

Remember my awesome brother-in-law. Colton?  Well, he made my sister (Paige- his wife) and I another treat.  I had been wanting to try this recipe from Gluten Free Gobsmacked for awhile and finally bought all the ingredients needed to make it while at my parents house.  The only problem?  Paige and Colton also brought Toy Story 3 to watch that evening and I’d never seen it (love that movie, btw!).  Colton had, so he offered to make this treat by himself.  Actually, he insisted.  It was awesome of him! 
IMG_1043IMG_1044IMG_1041Besides looking yummy, the ingredient list wasn’t too intimidating.  Or expensive.  (Potato starch is very inexpensive and readily found in normal grocery stores- check out the section with Bob’s Red Mill products).Next time I have someone make this for me Winking smile I’ll buy more whipped topping and berries for it.  It was yummy, but needed more of those things.  (That was totally my fault for not buying enough.  Colton made it perfectly.) 
Also, I had discovered 2 weeks before that I am now egg white intolerant (awful, I know).  I can have baked goods with eggs in them, but only if it’s a small amount of the food.  I can’t have things like meringue because egg whites are a big portion of the recipe.  So I was scared to eat this with it’s high egg content.  I ended up being okay, but I did only have one tiny piece Sad smile
Anyway, in conclusion, try this!  Especially if you can eat eggs without a problem.  Just buy more berries and whipped topping than I did.  And if you’re not convince from my awful pictures, check out this picture from Gluten Free Gobsmacked:
Beautiful, huh?  Check it out!  There’s even a link to the printable recipe.

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