Saturday, January 8, 2011

Calling all writers! And non-writers!

I have been a major slacker with blogging.  Major. 

To be honest, I haven't felt motivated to do any posts.  Lame, I know.  I do have a good excuse though (at least I think so). 

We moved into our first house 2 weeks before Christmas (yay!) and all my attention has been on that.  And then there was Christmas and New Years.  And painting.  This house has a lot of projects for me to work on.  Which I'm REALLY excited about!  My first house that I can paint and decorate how I want!  So pretty much all of my free time has been focused on decorating (well, mostly trying to figure out how to decorate with a little decorating mixed in). 

I wish this was a post about how I've made all sorts of New Year's resolutions to be a better blogger, but it isn't.  Because I didn't.  I do want to try to do better, but I haven't made any goals about it and I'm not going to make any promises.  But I will try

But between doing a lot of this:

And playing with these cuties:

Not to mention all of the other day-to-day tasks that come up,

I know it won't be easy.


I could use your help.

I'm opening the blog up to guest writers.  If you have a post you'd like to do for the blog you can email me at glutenfreeinutah @  Keep in mind, I like my recipes to be easy.  Also, you don't have to live in Utah to do a post (although if it's about a restaurant/store it has to be located in UT).  And like the title implies, you don't have to be a writer to do a post.  I'm certainly not.  Just make it useful/interesting for the gluten free community :).

Here are some post ideas:
  • Gluten free recipes
  • Personal stories- your journey to finding out you're gluten intolerant, how you're handling doing gluten free, etc.
  • Tips and lists on gluten free living
  • Product or restaurant reviews
  • Info on gluten intolerance
  • Etc.
I'll still try to post as well.  In fact, I've got two posts scheduled for this next week :).  As always, let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to do a post on!  

Thanks everyone!


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Gluten Free Deals said...

We all wish you the best in your new home!