Friday, December 3, 2010

Gluten Free Deals- AWESOME!!!

I just got an email from Brady Mower, founder and moderator of Gluten Free Deals.

That's right.  I said "GLUTEN FREE DEALS"!!!  I'm so excited because I love good deals and it's hard to find them for gluten free products.  Brady is a Utah resident, which makes this even cooler.  I love supporting local businesses.  (Though anyone in any state can sign up for the deals.) 

Here's some info Brady sent:

We are excited to announce a gluten-free daily deal site called Gluten Free Deals! While working with several gluten-free businesses, we realized that there should be a better way for you to try out new things and get great deals on gluten-free products.
The Gluten Free Deals site will offer 1‐3 deals per week from businesses that sell gluten-free products, all at incredible savings to you! Simply sign up to get our deal email, purchase a deal voucher, and use your voucher to get the deal! 
Deals will come from a variety of great gluten-free companies. And, of course, the focus will be on things you love and want as you follow a gluten-free diet. Please feel free to sign up now to get the first deal when it goes out: If you are a business owner, you will have the opportunity to offer deals on our website too! There is no offer too big or too small. 
We want to extend the offers to friends, family, and neighbors of all of you, no matter where they live! These deals will be available to anyone, anywhere. So please feel free to share this site and invite others to sign up! You can pass along deals by email, blogs, or social networks.
If you are a business owner who wants to offer a deal -or- if you are a member who wants to see a specific company offer a deal in our store, you can contact me at
Yours in great gluten-free deals,   
Brady Mower, Gluten Free Deals founder and moderator

I've signed up already and can't wait to see what kind of deals are in store!  Go sign up! 

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