Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Favorite Gluten Free Snack/Dessert

I LOVE LOVE LOVE caramel apples!!! LOVE! And they're automatically gluten free, so that makes them even better!

I have 2 favorite kinds:
  1. Caramel dipped in mini M&M's (discovered this one at Lagoon)
  2. Caramel dipped in white chocolate dipped in cinnamon sugar- HEAVEN!!! (discovered this one in West Yellowstone)
I think one of the keys to living a gluten free life without being miserable is making sure you don't feel deprived. A delicious caramel apple can help with that! Actually, I would have chosen a caramel apple over cake or a cookie even back when I was eating gluten.

  • I think the best way to eat a caramel apple is to cut it into slices before eating it. That way you get a good ratio of apple and caramel w/m&m's in every bite.
  • Use Granny Smith green apples. They're the best for caramel apples.

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