Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Gluten Free Company that Knows What it’s Doing

As I’m sure you’ve learned, it’s hit and miss when it comes to gluten free products tasting good. Well, if you’re new to doing gluten free, let me tell you… you’ve got it easy. Back when I started living gluten free 6 1/2 years ago there were way more “misses” than “hits.” Every time I purchased a new gluten-free product it felt like I was throwing my money down the drain.

Luckily, my friend who’d been gluten free most of her life was there to help me. She gave me recipes and told me which products were the best.

She told me there was one brand I could always buy without worrying I was wasting my money. That brand was Glutino. She said they’d been around for a long time (since 1983) and knew what they were doing.

And she was right. I’ve never had a Glutino product I didn’t like.

Would you like to hear some awesome news you might not know? How about three bits of awesome news?

Of course you would.

  1. Glutino acquired Gluten Free Pantry back in 2004, (I didn’t realize this until a month ago. I just knew that every Gluten Free Pantry mix I’d tried was excellent), and then in 2011 Boulder Brands (formerly Smart Balance) bought Glutino, and they recently bought Udi’s as well! I love Udi’s! That is another company that I completely trust. The point of this is to say, be on the lookout for a lot of awesomeness coming from the Boulder Brands company. They know what they’re doing, and based on the companies they’ve been acquiring, they know what’s good when it comes to gluten free. 
  2. Something else great about Glutino and Udi’s products are they’re made from natural and non-GMO ingredients (they’re working with the Non-GMO Project to get verification on their products… some are already done). I believe a huge mistake many people make is they think that if a product is a special gluten-free item, it must be healthy. That’s definitely not true! You need to be selective with the gluten free products you consume, especially if your digestive system has been damaged from gluten in the past. I love that I can trust Glutino and Udi’s to taste good AND be made with quality ingredients!
  3. The last bit of news is on a much smaller level, but it’s just as exciting. I’ve been asked to be a part of Glutino’s blogging community!* This is exciting for both me and you. Each month Glutino will be sending me a product to try out and I’ll get to tell you about it and give you ideas on how to use it. And even better for you: I’ll get to do some product giveaways (yay!), so be on the lookout for those.

*I want all of you to know that Glutino has always been a favorite brand of mine and that my opinion of their products hasn’t suddenly changed because of this new relationship with them. Nope. I’ve always loved what they do. The story about Glutino being the first gluten-free brand I trusted is entirely true and I am excited to learn more about the brand and their products.

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