Thursday, October 13, 2011

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods: Info


I learned a lot from helping out with the Udi’s booth at the Gluten Free Expo.  I learned what peoples favorite Udi’s products are, what questions they asked the most, and what the answers to those questions were.  Here’s my list of the things that stood out most.  Feel free to ask any other questions you might have and I’ll do my best to answer (I love answering questions, so helping at a booth was perfect for me!).

  • Udi’s is pronounced “oo-dies.”  Before becoming a Udi’s Ambassador I said “you-dies” and realized about half the people at the expo did too.  So now you know how to say it :).  (It’s a man’s name, fyi.)
  • Udi’s is based out of Denver, Colorado. 
  • Most people’s favorite Udi’s products are the breads (obviously) and the bagels, though the muffins and hot dog buns also got a lot of talk.
  • Udi’s products can be found at most Smith’s, Whole Foods, other health food stores, Winco’s, and many Associated food stores (Macey’s, Harmons, etc.).  You can check the store locator for stores near you (they also have a locator to find restaurants that use Udi’s products).
  • Udi’s flash freezes their products right after baking them, then ships them frozen.  It’s up to the store manager whether or not they put them on the shelves or in the freezer section, so if you can’t find the products check both places (or just ask an employee).  
  • Udi’s products have a shelf life of 7 days before needing to either be eaten or frozen.  If your store displays them on the shelf then check the date to know how long you have (the store should have put it on the bag when they received the delivery).   
  • People have a hard time finding the hot dog buns.  Most seemed to have luck at Whole Foods. 
  • If there’s ever an Udi’s product you’d like to purchase, but the store doesn’t have it (like hot dog buns), ask the manager if they can start carrying it.  If they carry Udi’s products, they have the ability to order any of the products they want.
  • You can also ask stores that don’t carry Udi’s if they could start.  If they get enough interest hopefully they’ll start carrying it.
  • The cookies are not dairy free, but the rest of Udi’s products are (including the amazing double chocolate muffins).
  • Udi’s has a ton of delicious gluten free products and are always working on creating more.  Breads, bagels, pizza crust, muffins, cookies, granola, and hot dog/hamburger buns.  Multiple flavors of all. 
  • The newest bread is Millet-Chia.  It’s very tasty and has a lot of protein and fiber.  Good stuff.
  • People LOVE Udi’s products!  More than half of the people who came to the table shared some sort of personal story about Udi’s.  How they eat a muffin or bagel every morning for breakfast, how their family goes through at least 2 loaves of bread a week because they all love it, how they don’t know how they’d live without Udi’s…  Seriously.  People love it.  Most also thanked us, which made it a really fun booth to help out with. :) 

So there you have it. If you haven’t tried Udi’s products yet trust me when I say you need to.  It is good stuff.  I like to keep a loaf of bread in my freezer, so that I can have my toast (with either pb&j or Nutella on it) and grilled cheese sandwiches whenever I want.  So good!   


Cristina - Cinderella's Pear said...

Nice post. :) I've gotten frustrated buying muffins at Whole Foods, because they seem stale. I have good luck at the Smith's in Layton, though.

Unknown said...

Love the pizza crust!