Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gluten Free Bacon and Cheese Rosemary Chicken

IMG_3276This was one of those throw together meals that turned out awesome.  I don’t even remember what the sides were, but this chicken was delicious!
All I did was stick frozen chicken tenders on the grill, sprinkled a little garlic powder on, and place a 2 sprigs of rosemary from my garden and grill.  When it was almost done I sprinkled cheese and crumbled bacon on.  Yum!  It would have been really good without the bacon and cheese too.  Just setting the rosemary on it while grilling was a perfect flavor.  I did take the rosemary off when I ate it (too much stick for me to deal with). 
My husband doesn’t love rosemary, so I just made his without and it was (of course) still delicious.  I love easy recipes like this that don’t require much thought beforehand and that can be easily individualized to fit each persons tastes. 
Give it a try!

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