Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gluten Free Rice Krispies: Review

Have you tried these yet?  I've made rice krispie treats with them (using the recipe on the back) and I love them!!!  Before going gluten free, if you asked me what my favorite cookie/bar dessert was I'd tell you it was rice krispie treats, hands down.  I've always loved them and preferred them to cookies, brownies, or anything else like that.

To kind of satisfy my craving for them, I'd use Cocoa Pebbles (which are officially certified gluten free now), marshmallows, and peanut butter for a treat.  Delicious, but not quite the same.

I was thrilled to try out the Gluten Free Rice Krispies and pleased to find them in all 3 of the stores I checked for them (Kent's, Smith's, Walmart).  They cost the same as regular Rice Krispies and I had a bunch of coupons for the gluten free ones.  Not bad.

When I made my first batch, I wasn't sure I liked them.  I was trying to remember if that's how they always tasted and my tastes had just changed or if the gluten free version wasn't as good (they are made out of brown rice), but then I tried them the next morning and was in love!  I made them to take on a family vacation for myself and my sister, who also eats gluten free.  Unfortunately, my kids and I finished them off before we made it to the cabin. Luckily, I brought the ingredients to make them at the cabin and we were all able to enjoy them there (though I'm pretty sure I ate as much as everyone else combined).  My husband and brother-in-law say they taste the same as regular gluten-filled rice krispie treats.  Yay!

I haven't tried them as a regular bowl of cereal because they just don't sound good to me.  I did read a review from someone who said they didn't taste the same as regular Rice Krispies.  Oh well.  I've never liked them in a bowl of milk anyway.

Have you tried the new Gluten Free Rice Krispies?  And if so, how did you eat them and what did you think?

I'm guessing this is just the beginning of cereals that will become gluten free.  It started with General Mills changing their Chex ingredients and now Post and Kellog's have started following suit.  I'm excited to see what more will come! 


Joe'n'Jess said...

i found the GF box and flipped out! my husband and i selfishly didn't share our rice krispy treats w our kids and have gone through several batches. we loved them (we added extra PB to our recipe and melted chocolate on top). i've eated the cereal plain which was ok. if you didn't mind the reg kind i'm sure you won't mind the brown rice version.

Joe'n'Jess said...

also, i just browsed down and noticed the gluten free expo! so excited!