Saturday, August 27, 2011

Check it Out!

*******UPDATE AT BOTTOM******

This came in one of those money saver packets in the mail:IMG_3826
Let’s zoom in…IMG_3827
How exciting is that?!  Can you imagine being able to get gluten free pizza from 5 Buck Pizza?!  I’m expecting it to cost more than the $5, but we’ll see.  I called at the beginning of August and the employee said they were expecting to get it later in the month.  I went out of town after that and now that I’m back it’s too late at night to call.  But don’t worry, as soon as I figure out details I’ll let you know!
Have you seen one of these flyers for your area?  Or is it just for the Roy location for now?

UPDATE:  I called and found out more info on the gluten free pizza.  It costs $8.99 for a 12 inch, and I believe that's unlimited toppings, just like the regular 5 buck pizzas.  

The employee on the phone told me they sterilize everything and they have gluten free utensils that are only used for gluten free.  The pizza crust is already made, frozen, and shrink wrapped when they get it.  They just open it, put toppings on, and bake.  Sounds like they know what they're talking about when it comes to cross-contamination.  

He also said it's just their location (Roy) doing gluten free and not a chain-wide thing.  Which means, you either have to come to my city for your cheap yummy gluten free pizza, or you need to give your local 5 Buck Pizza a call and ask them to start doing the same thing.

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