Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Bella's in Ogden

I had a date night last Thursday with my husband.  It was fun and very much needed.  For dinner we went to a restaurant that was recommended to us and I'm glad we did.

Before we even went I was feeling good about it because of what I saw on the first page on their website.  See if you can guess what that was:
Hint:  it's on the left-hand side under "Bella's Menus"

Yep, "Gluten Free Menu" right there on the front page!  Plus it's a full page of delicious gluten free options.  Yay!

Then as a perused more around their site I liked it even more.  The history of this restaurant is just sweet.  Bella's is a family operated restaurant and it was renamed Bella's after their little sister who passed away in 2005.  I especially loved reading how they ran the place when their kids were little.  Really sweet.

So with all of that I was already liking the place and then we went and I was even more impressed.  The atmosphere is awesome!  There are beautiful koi ponds and waterfalls all over.  I loved it!  We ate inside, but apparently the outdoor patio is really neat as well.

Our server was really nice and good at his job.  If you go there and Jason is your server, you'll know you're in good hands.  He kept our chips, salsa, and drinks full.  And even better than that (and I guess the most relevant part for this blog) he knew what he was talking about when it came to gluten free!!! 

I asked him if I could get a gluten free menu and he immediately brought one out for me and then let me know that the chips were gluten free, but that they were fried in the same oil as gluten-filled items, so he could get me some fully gluten free chips that weren't fried.  And he knew all of this immediately without having to go ask a supervisor!  You know you're in good hands at a restaurant when the servers have been trained about gluten free and cross-contamination. 

I got the carnita fajitas and it was yummy, as was the salsa.  We were told later (by my father-in-law) that the other options of salsa are fantastic, so next time we go we're going to be sure to order them (we were offered them, but decided to just go with the regular).

It was a very pleasant dinner.  And to finish it off, our receipt specifically said "gluten free fajita" on it.  I loved that.  It made me feel like they really know what they're doing and they weren't going to mess up and cross-contaminate the gluten free items because they categorized them separately. 

I highly recommend Bella's for a gluten free dining option (and for non-gluten free dining ;) ).  It's a great family business that supports the community. 

Let me know if you go or if you've been before!


trishtator said...

We've never been there but it sounds like a dream! Glad you had a nice evening!

Sara Bell said...

My husband and I tried Bella's on our way back home from Utah recently. We now live in UT so I'm very glad to have found your blog for future reference!