Monday, March 7, 2011

Save 50% at GoPicnic with Gluten Free Deals!

Have you seen this weeks Gluten Free Deal yet?  It's $30 worth of product from GoPicnic for $15!  I've heard of GoPicnic before, but never ordered from there before.  They have ready to eat meals for when you're on the go.  That's hard to find when you're eating gluten free! 

 I'm excited to pick out my food!  I love cheese, so I'm thinking I'll definitely have to get some of the parmesan peppercorn cheese spread.  And one of the steak nugget meals (funny thing- when I first read steak nugget I was grossed out... until I realized they're like a jerky... yum!).  I'm not sure what else.  If you do this deal let me know what you'll get!

Click here to sign up!

Also, I have a couple reviews coming up and a fun giveaway, so be watching for those!

New recipes will also be coming, including an amazingly delicious one I made up myself!  Seriously, it's awesome.

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