Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gluten Free Treat/Snack: Strawberries with Nutella

Seriously, this combination is pure HEAVEN!!!  Simply cut the top (stem) off your strawberry and scoop out a little bit of the inside (or you can skip a step and hollow it out at the same time you cut off the stem… I was able to make them look pretty my way).
And then add a big dollop of Nutella and enjoy!  YUMMY!!!!!!  And it’s a good, healthy snack with zero preservatives, dyes, or any of that other yucky stuff.  Just all natural goodness!
I’m seriously in love with Nutella.


Brooke Bennett said...

haha! I just bought strawberries and Nutella at Costco. Haven't opened the nutella yet.... this is my first time having it, but Shaun wanted it so bad! Excited to try this!

HH6 said...

Wow I love nutella. I'll have to try this combo.