Saturday, January 15, 2011

In-N-Out and Delimex taquitos/tamales

I received this email from a reader and wanted to share it with you because there is some helpful info in it:
I came across your blog while searching for gluten free corndog recipes and I was pleasantly thrilled to see a GF Utah blog. I noticed that you had a fast food tag and so I thought I'd share my favorite discovery (that you might've already known about) so far: In-N-Out. In-N-Out's fries are gluten free AND! If you get a burger, you can ask for it protein style and they'll wrap it in lettuce instead of putting it in a bun. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac so finding out that I can still have hamburgers made figuring out my diet a little more bearable. Also, this isn't really fast food, but Delimex taquitos and tamales are gluten free and delicious. I highly recommend them. =)

Thanks Erin!

 I didn't know the "protein style" term for the lettuce wrapped burger, so I'll have to use that from now on.
Also, thanks for mentioning the Delimex taquitos and tamales.  I actually ate those a lot when I first found out I couldn't eat gluten.  I loved how convenient they were (especially since it's hard to find convenient gluten free foods that don't cost an arm and a leg).  Unfortunately, I ate them a lot in my first trimester of pregnancy with my first daughter.  I say this is unfortunate because I have a hard time eating anything I ate at that time (I was so sick!!!).  It's been over 3 years... I'll have to give them another try.  Thanks for reminding me about them!


Paula said...

When you get the "protein style" burger at In n Out: ask for no sauce (they spread it on lots of buns). They have sauce that is not contaminated in packets at the counter. Just my fav tip.

megib said...

i get the protin style burger all the time its messy but yummy!