Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Gluten Free Bake Shop in Sandy!

Eleanor's Bakeshop recently opened in Sandy and I can't wait to go there!  Not only do they have delicious baked goods, but they serve gluten free lunch too!

Have you heard of an arepas?  Me neither till now, but they look yummy! 
This description is from their website:

Arepas are generally made in Venezuela and Colombia (ours are slightly different - we Americanized it. ;) They are made from a pre-cooked corn meal. We make them into a patty kind of like a tortilla and kind of like flatbread and we grill them and use it as the sandwich bread. 

Sounds good to me!

They've also got fun treats like gluten free cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops.  I LOVE cake pops!

Go to their website here to find out their location, hours, daily menu, and why they started this awesome shop!


Paula said...

I went to Eleanor's last week. Yummy chicken salad arepa...best sandwich I can remember having in forever. The bread was warm and fresh. They say it doesn't store well so they don't sell any to take home. Darn. The cake pops were yummy and so cute. Kind of the stars of the show I think. The bakery is in a strange building and a bit hard to find...so call if you get lost. It is worth the trip though. Thanks to Eleanor's!

healthydealsnsteals said...

You just saved me! Now I know where to send people when they ask me about gluten free eateries. We should meet up and go try these new places. I'm always willing to try new places--my husband is not. That looks and sounds good. And cake pops!! Yum!!