Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Product Review: Mrs. Leepers Beef Lasagna

So good!

I was really worried about this because I'm picky about what kind of red sauces I like. I don't like Spaghetti O's or Chef Boyardee (back from when I ate gluten), so I thought this could taste the same. It didn't. It was so good!

And so easy to make!

It was nice to have on hand for when I needed a quick meal.

Would buy again if the price is right and I'm wanting to have a quick meal on hand.


Alexis and Justin said...

Cool, what store did you find it in?

Bethany said...

You know, I'm not entirely sure. My mom gave it to me. She finds most of the gluten free products she gives me at Kohler's in Highland, UT, so I'm guessing that's where it's from.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! She can't remember where it came from either. I'll try to keep track of that sort of thing in the future.

Alexis and Justin said...

Haha no worries. I've seen that store, my roommate used to live really closed to it (ex-roomie, as I'm now married) ... but thanks anyhow!