Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Comment from Reader

I wanted to post this comment from a reader, Jay. He has a lot of good information about restaurants in Utah and how to place special orders to ensure there is no cross-contamination. I also like that it shows the different levels of gluten sensitivity there are out there.

Jay said:
"I tried Wendy's twice, once ordering minus the bun and got very sick and once a salad. I'll pass as I am too sensative for this and it is not worth the risk of cross contamination for me.

Some other restaurants that I've eaten at and not gotten sick is Chipotle Mexican Grill in Sandy. At the counter while ordering I explain my situation, they change their gloves at my request and wash their hands. They put my items on foil and make it separate from my family's or anyone else. I have never gotten sick there.

McGrath's Seafood in Sandy also has worked well for me. They have a gluten free menu and I have eaten there over 20 times. Once time they brought bread out and they redid the entire meal when I explained I could not eat it then.

Some say Five Guys Burger and Fries but I'll pass. I watch them put my paddies on a bun and then take them off. That's enough to make me sick so I asked if they would redo and got a hassle look. They did it but I don't trust them as their workers don't understand and just follow a process. They do cook their meat separate from their buns (two separate grills).

My other favorite restaurant is Z'Tehas Southwestern Grill. I haven't gotten sick there once and great food.

Some say Pei Wei is GF and they have a GF menu but their preparation worries me. They make it in a wok that is the same as they use for Gluten meals and for those who are sensative this just doesn't work. I tried them and got sick, that was enough for me.

Pei Wei, Five Guys and Chipotle are located in Sandy by the Pets Smart off of Hwy 89/State Street across from the mall. Of them I only go to Chipotle as stated above."
Note: In another comment Jay mentions that he won't eat at Taco Bell either because they have serious cross-contamination issues.

I can eat at both Wendy's and Pei Wei, but probably because I'm not very sensitive to cross-contamination. You need to be your own judge of what your body can and can't handle.

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