Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taco Bell

Allergens list from Taco Bell (updated 06/08/2008):

Original menu items

There isn't much you can eat from Taco Bell (I believe the seasoning in the meat has gluten in it). At the bottom of their allergens list they do have a list of how to order gluten-free from their menu foods, which is pretty cool. Here's what they say:

Suggestions for Wheat and Gluten Sensitive Individuals
- Tostada
- Fiesta Taco Salad (order Chicken instead of Beef; order without the shell and without the Red Strips)
- *Express Taco Salad (order Chicken instead of Beef)
- *Zesty Chicken BORDER BOWL® (order without the Zesty Dressing and without the Red Strips)
- Southwest Steak Bowl (order without the Creamy Jalapeno Sauce)

*These two items state that they are
"prepared in common equipment; may be in contact with allergen-containing products," so keep that in mind if you order these.

Click here if you want to know what specifically is in the food to make it unsafe (updated 10/08).

In my research I also found this website, which I found quite interesting. A comment is made about cross-contamination being so bad at Taco Bell that a person can't eat gluten-free there. I personally don't worry about cross-contamination very much because it hasn't appeared to hurt me in the past, but you need to decide what's best for you.

As always, refer to the information I've provided, but most importantly, use your own judgment to determine what and if you should eat at this restaurant.


Jay said...

I would not eat at Taco Bell. It is very hard not to be cross contaminated here. I am very sensative and wouldn't eat here. I would rather go to a nearby grocery store and buy some fruit if I am that hungry.

Bethany said...

Jay, I'm glad you commented. I actually haven't eaten at Taco Bell since I found out their meat had gluten in it. I'm not very sensitive to cross-contamination, but the few items I can eat there just aren't enough to get me to go there.

You're right about the cross-contamination issue they have though. On the last website I linked to there's a quote at the very bottom from someone whose brother works at a Taco Bell and says there's definitely cross-contamination going on.

So anyone who is sensitive needs to be sure to stay away from Taco Bell!