Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Announcement and Product Review

Some of you may have noticed that I had a loooooong break in posting. Sorry about that. But I do have a really good excuse!
IMG_5763Yep. I’m pregnant Smile. And super sick Sad smile. Like really really sick. I’m 15 weeks (due in Sept.) and with my last two the sickness subsided around 16 weeks, so I’m really hoping for that this time.
Although I’m not feeling fully better yet, I have had a little more energy and motivation lately, which is why the blogging is back. Hopefully the motivation sticks around for awhile.
One good thing about the pregnancy sickness is that my mom came to stay with me for a few days and brought me a bunch of gluten free products that I’m too cheap to buy on my own. And you benefit because now I can review them for you. Thanks Mom!
I’m going to start out with my absolute favorite. It was a lifesaver for a week. Mornings are extremely hard, especially when you’re pregnant, wake up sick and hungry, and nothing sounds good. Except these donuts, that is:IMG_5740
In case you can’t read that, those are Kinnikinnick brand. Good brand. My mom bought these at Kohler’s in Highland in the freezer section (if you live in northern Utah county, Kohler’s has a great gluten free selection). I can’t remember how much she said they were. $6 or $7, I think. Which is why I’ve never bought them on my own. I’ve seen them since the beginning of being gluten free and always wanted the chocolate ones, but could never bring myself to dish out that kind of cash (I’m cheap) for a product that might taste gross. Luckily, neither flavor was gross. Both were amazing! In fact, I thought I’d like the chocolate ones best, but maple ended up being my favorite.IMG_5734
I’ve seen them sold at Smith’s and other stores, so just look around. There are 6 to a box and they’re not very big, but they really are good. They taste like a real donut and might be the perfect thing to satisfy your craving. I had one maple and one chocolate for breakfast each morning till they were gone. Obviously, they’re not very healthy, so I usually had to eat something with protein an hour later, but these gave my stomach the jumpstart it needed. 

I highly recommend these! Yes, the price is high, but at least you now know that you’re getting a good product for that price, making them great for the occasional treat.

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The Woolley's said...

It is so refreshing to know someone that is as cheap as me! It gets a little hard when I'm around the in-laws for a long period of time. Cheap is not bad! I know this has nothing to do with your post... Although I really should be better about getting off gluten, and right now I'm trying to be a good girl and not eat super delicious donuts...I think I need to close the blog window now, cuz they are staring me down...yummmmmmm!