Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great Gluten Free Snack/Breakfast: Smoothie with spinach

I realize that looks disgusting.  It isn't.

It's delicious!  And packed with nutrients because it has spinach in it.

I don't have a recipe for this.  Just make your favorite fruit smoothie (google a recipe if you don't know one) and throw a handful of baby spinach in it.

It makes it look disgusting, but it tastes good; *you can't taste the spinach.  It's a great healthy snack or meal option that is gluten free!

For my smoothies I generally put some kind of frozen berries in, a banana, milk, and yogurt because I like it really creamy.  There are lots of other ways to make them though.  Experiment till you find what you like.  I love this because it's a sweet treat that my kids gladly eat.

And if you make too much you can always freeze the extra as popsicles for a healthy treat later.


*I'm sure if you put a TON of spinach in it you'd be able to taste it.  Play around with it till you get the amount you like.

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