Thursday, October 14, 2010

Utah Gluten Free Expo Review and Giveaway

I wasn't able to go to the Utah Gluten Free Expo this past Saturday (I know, I know... pretty pathetic that my blog is "Gluten Free in Utah" and I didn't go to the first annual Utah Gluten Free Expo.  I do have a good excuse though:  I was at a family women's retreat in the mountains.  It's one of my favorite things of the whole year and I really didn't want to miss it).

Luckily, Traci from Healthy Deals and Steals posted a great review of the Expo on her blog.  I'll admit, I'm super jealous of all the delicious samples she got to try.  Also, she got TONS of great coupons for gluten free products and being the amazing deal finder she is, she's matched up manufacturer coupons with store coupons, so you can get double the savings!  But what if you didn't go to the Gluten Free Expo and get tons of awesome gluten free coupons, you ask?  Well the amazing Traci is having a giveaway of a complete set of the coupons from the expo!!!  Two people can win, so get over there and enter (quickly; the giveaway closes tomorrow- Friday, Oct. 15.  I'm a bit behind on my posts.)!  

So, be sure to check out the review by clicking here. (Trust me, you want to.  I learned that Smith's- the store I shop at most anyway- now sells Udi's gluten free bread in the bakery area rather than frozen.  I haven't had Udi's, but the reviews are good, so I'm excited to try it out.)  This review from Gluten Free in SLC also interested me.  I really need to try the whole grain gluten free products she wrote about!  (Warning:  be prepared to be even more jealous and sad if you missed the expo.  She posted a picture of the samples she got to take home and it's a whole lot.)

And go to enter the coupon contest here.

As always, thank you Traci!  You're the best!!!

And don't forget to enter to win the $45 CSN giftcard.  I'm loving reading all of the comments!

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