Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love V8 V-Fusion

...and it's gluten free, so this post is totally relevant ;).

I've been a bad blogger again.
The free time I have I spend either working on organizing everything I can possibly think of or reading other peoples blogs.

Hopefully both of those things will benefit you.
Well, I'm hoping that once I have my life all organized I'll be better about posting on a schedule. And as far as reading other peoples blogs go... that'll help you because I can let you know about cool things I read.
Like this:

Tons of blogs are doing a review on V8 V-Fusion and giving away $100 Visa Gift cards. How cool is that?!

I love V8 V-Fusion and I love free money, so I'm pretty excited.

Here are links to each of the blogs participating:

Super Healthy Kids
This one is one of my new favorite blogs and the original one I found out about the giveaways from.

Scrutiny by the Masses

Stop, Drop, and Blog

Simplicity in the Suburbs

BlogHer Reviews by Little Ol' Me

Heavenly Homemakers

Picky Palate

The Naptime Chef Product Reviews

Quadville's Favorites

Lots of chances to win!

Plus I now have 8 more great blogs to read (wow, I need more time in my day)!!!

1 comment:

Our Familia said...

thanks for posting those! I haven't tried the v-fusion yet, but now I'm excited to :)
p.s. what's your best way of organizing your kid's toys?